At the halal meat depot, we have a fundamental commitment to make our customers happy and satisfied. Each day begins with our commitment to provide customers with an exceptional quality of halal meat at the lowest prices in town. With this goal in mind, we have a wide variety of your favorite beef, chicken, goat, lamb and fish meat. Supplementing our fresh beef and chicken, we carry a vast variety of frozen beef, goat, lamb and seafood. Because of meat’s perishable nature, we stock a minimal quantity at our store. In order for us to provide you with the highest quality of meat, we expect cooperation from our customers to call us in advance to have the freshest meat available for their pickup.

Apart from fresh and frozen meat, we sell some of the most popular ready to cook and pre-cooked items from reputable companies such as AlSafa, K&N, Mezban and Midamar. We will also be carrying some deli items such as roasted beef and turkey. In the near future, we will be carrying marinated products such as chicken and ground beef, featuring our decades-old family recipe; which, on its own, is enough to warrant giving a try.

Our next goal is to start a home delivery network, which we plan to start in the near future.

Halal meat depot is very conveniently located at the crossroads of route 28 and 50.

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